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New method of dyeing created in
Mino/Gifu - Mino-Yuzen -
Colors bring you
peace of mind.
Pursuing power of color
Colors brighten difficult times in the world
Fabric dye makes things brighter.
Layered colors on cloth.
Playing with the design.
Inspiration from nature.

Naoe Kawamura Design Office Mino-Yuzen


World of Mino-Yuzen

Mino-Yuzen was named after artwork of her own original abstract expression and dynamic graduation and special vivid colors with traditional Yuzen technique at the historical region Mino where was prospered for the textile industry. Mino-Yuzen has cross cultural traditions mixed from Western and Eastern Japan, and it fuses tradition and modern art. Its expression has more possibilities to deepen silk culture which was developed in the East. The key word of the creating art work of Mino-Yuzen is ‘Connection’. it is our pleasure to get involved with a lot of people.

World of Mino-Yuzen

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Textile Design

textile-design,minoyuzen,naoe kawamura deisgn office textile-design,minoyuzen,naoe kawamura deisgn office

We design and produce various textile images upon your request. Tapestry designs that fit the interior, scarfs/clothes with desired color and size, design that incorporated your cherished motifs and images.

Custom Made

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Custom-made orders. See the made-to-order page for details.

Online Store

online store,naoe kawamura deisgn office online store,naoe kawamura deisgn office

- Make your face gorgeous with the art mask. – We sell various fashionable masks that are brightly dyed by the technique of Mino-Yuzen using domestic high-quality silk. We offer a wide variety of colors and hand-dyed soft and gorgeous masks unique to Mino-Yuzen.

About Naoe Kawamura design office

Naoe realized Japanese method of dyeing fabric is unique and characteristic at the textile exhibition in Seatle and LA as an art college student, thought it should be known to people in the world. That brought her to establish her own design office in 1998 and she was inspired to start a new brand Mino-Yuzen, pursuing power of colors and introducing it to us.

Naoe Kawamura Profile

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Mino-Yuzen textile artist・Textile Designer

Member of the Art Association KOFU-KAI


Graduated from Tama Art University Course of Textile Design, Major in Dyeing
Completed Graduate program of Tama Art University
Established Design Office NAOE KAWAMURA
- 2006
Designer of serviette for Europe, for NISSHINBO, Japan


‘13th Dyeing Textile Works Exhibition’, Won a prize, Yokohama Silk Museum, Japan
‘International TANNAN Art Festival 1995’, Fukui, Japan
- 1997
‘Frankfurt Messe Ambiente’, Germany
- 2006
‘Frankfurt Messe’, Germany
‘15th National Cultural Festival’, Won a prize, Hiroshima, Japan
’Oribe in NY Craft Exhibition’, NY, USA‘Life Style Exhibition’ Tokyo, Japan
Contest of Textile Japan 2004’, Won a prize, Aichi, Japan Contemporary Art Show Japan Publication Memorial Exhibition Vol.1’ Tokyo,
- 2006
‘Frankfurt Messe Ambiente’, Germany
‘Contemporary Art Show Japan Publication Memorial Exhibition Vol.2’ Tokyo, Japan
‘PARIS Art Birth Record Exhibition’, Won the Art Birth Record Reward, Paris, France ‘The 200th anniversary of Chopin’s birth Enchanted Octave Art Label Exhibition’, Won the Beauty Melody Art Award, Paris, France
‘The 850th anniversary of Genghis Khan’s birth festival-Japanese Jewel record’, Won the Japan and Mongolia Eternal Art Tile Award, Mongolia
The 160th anniversary of Gogh’s birth Japan Art Festival’, Won a gold award, Paris, France ‘The 99th KOFU-KAI’, Won the Chunichi award. Japan
- 2019
‘The 25th-30th KOFU-KAI Craft Art Shape for Tomorrow’, The museum of Kyoto, Japan
- Evaluated with Grade-A in the project possibility ’Mino-Yuzen’ certified by Gifu Economic and Industrial Promotion Center, Gifu, Japan
- 2020
‘Japan Craft Design Exhibition’ Tokyo, Japan
- 2020
‘Solo Exhibition’, Noritake Garden Gallery, Nagoya, Japan
- 2018
‘Solo Exhibition’, Ashok Jain Gallery, New York, USA
‘Solo Exhibition’, at MITSUKOSHI, Nagoya, Japan‘Solo Exhibition’, at Kanazawa, Japan
‘Special Exhibition’, at NIHONBASHI TAKASHIMAYA, Tokyo, Japan‘The 105th memorial KOFU-KAI’, Won an KAIYU award. Japan
Won ‘the WAKAAYU award’ by Gifu Chamber of Commerce. Japan‘Special Exhibition’, at the Museum of Fine arts, Gifu, Japan ‘Solo Exhibition’, Ashok Jain Gallery, New York, USA