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World Of Mino-Yuzen

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Mino-Yuzen was named after artwork of her own original abstract expression and dynamic graduation and special vivid colors with traditional Yuzen technique at the historical region Mino where was prospered for the textile industry. Mino-Yuzen has cross cultural traditions mixed from Western and Eastern Japan, and it fuses tradition and modern art. Its expression has more possibilities to deepen silk culture which was developed in the East. The key word of the creating art work of Mino-Yuzen is ‘Connection’. it is our pleasure to get involved with a lot of people.

Play with design

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Design and colors are freely expressed with inspiration from landscape, plants, sounds of nature and the universe. Layering colors used by technique of Yusen dyeing creates enchanting depth and may be attracting.

What Mino-Yuzen aim for

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Due to covid-19, our everyday life has been difficult, and it may need to breakthrough to bring color back in our lives, hopefully it will help people to go through this tough situation. To behold vivid colors in this tough time, we aim to create a brighter atmosphere with colors.

Pursuing power of color

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People could be moved by colors. You may realize that the layered colors make it bright. The light will touch people’s hearts and turn into power. Hopefully it will work and that’s our motivation for our creation.

Encountering with silk canvas

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Silk, carried through Silk Road in old days, has been used for paints such as picture of Buddha and illustrated handscrolls. We attempted the use of silk canvases as a new material for our dyed artwork for the very first time. It was a great success to acquire deep color and sheen so that the color can enchant viewers. This attempt could expand expression of color on fabric well and innovate to pursuit deepen tint.