Custom made

Japanese order-made,naoe kawamura design office order-made,naoe kawamura design office

Design space

Gorgeous tapestry created by traditional Mino-Yuzen technique would make your home dignified, elegant and relaxing.


Design and dye on high-quality fabrics such as silk organdy, using the technique of Mino-Yuzen upon request.

Custom design from motif

We will develop your motif into the design and dye it after consultation. Participated in the Imagine One World KIMONO project, which produces kimonos of each country in association with the Tokyo Olympics and is in charge of the Republic of Kosovo. It is being developed in KIMONO with the motif of the library and folk costumes of the Republic of Kosovo (exhibited at the Kyocera Museum in October 2020).

Kosovo KIMONO,motif,naoe kawamura Kosovo KIMONO,motif,naoe kawamura


Design and dye of various stage costumes upon your request.

Design patterns

Mainly design patterns for paper products such as wrapping paper, clothing, interiors, etc., and produce textile pattern design drawings.

Working on designs that combine concrete and abstract expressions with motifs such as nature plants, animals, and geometric patterns.

Design patterns image Design patterns image