Tradition Meets
Contemporary Spirit

Japanese コンテンポラリーと出会う伝統,河村尚江デザイン事務所 コンテンポラリーと出会う伝統,河村尚江デザイン事務所

There are two factors that define beauty.

One is a traditional beauty that has been appreciated historically. Beautiful things have been chosen and remained beautiful over time. Aesthetics are established by learning from that historical beauty and build upon that without straying far from the original concept. The second factor of beauty is the challenge of involving new things that have not yet been explored.

美濃友禅の世界の画像 美濃友禅の世界の画像

Naoe Kawamura's Mino-Yuzen is playing the harmony of these two beauties. The beauty of Yuzen beyond 300 years has been refined since its origin in Kyoto and became a tradition of Japanese beauty. Mino-Yuzen originated in the new climate of Japan and transformed the original Yuzen style by acquiring even more beauty. Kawamura studied the original Yuzen style. She then used it as a foundation to evolve the original style and created a new Yuzen. Sticking to tradition, she produced Mino-Yuzen without being bound by tradition.

Mino-Yuzen, which gained a new climate, has created brilliant and diverse developments. Its charm lies in the flexibility of tradition, modern design and modern art.

Yukiya Takakita
Director of Haruhi Art Museum, Kiyosu City